How To Say The Right Thing To The Bereaved Family At A Funeral

When you attend funeral home services following someone's passing, the main reason for your attendance is to show your support to the family members of the late individual. While your presence is a special form of support in itself, perhaps the best way to offer your support is by saying the right words. Many funeral attendees can get anxious about how to speak to the family, but there's no need to be stressed if you're properly prepared. Read More 

Addressing Frequent Questions Concerning Ordering A Headstone

Death is an unfortunate fact of life that must be addressed. If you find yourself having to plan a funeral for a loved one, you might easily feel overwhelmed by the various tasks that must be done. For those that have never gone through this process, it can be easy to be uninformed about some of the aspects of arranging a funeral. In particular, it is common to overlook some important details when it comes to ordering a headstone. Read More 

How To Tactfully Bring Humor To A Funeral

Let's face it. If ever an occasion could use a bit of comic relief, a funeral can benefit from a bit of lightening up. However, the reality of the situation calls for extreme caution and perfecting the art of tactful speaking if you want to inject a bit of humor into a funeral or memorial service. Proceed with care if you wish to do so. Consider Who the Guests Are Read More 

Signs That Grief Counseling Is Needed

After losing a loved one to death, the survivor often faces their loss with initial shock, but pulls themselves together enough to get through the funeral and burial. However, what many people suffering a loss don't realize is that grief takes some time to truly manifest itself. Additionally, unhealthy grief – if left untreated – can last for many years. Grief counseling is often offered by funeral homes to help the survivors cope. Read More 

Three Ways To Customize A Grave Marker

When someone passes away unexpectedly, it is often up to the family to choose the grave marker that will be placed at the person's grave. If you are in charge of making decisions for the grave marker that will be placed at the grave of one of your loved ones, there are creative things you can do to make the grave marker special. The following guide walks you through a few customizations you may not realize you can have added to a grave marker. Read More