Burial Versus Cremation: Helping You Make The Decision

Making funeral arrangements for your loved one is a difficult but very important part of their lives. Many people choose to prearrange their own funerals before passing away, and that can include plans for cremation. This option can be a bit unnerving for families who are not familiar with it. If you are considering cremation for your funeral plans but are not quite sure, this information may help you make a decision:

Flames Do Not Touch the Body

One misconception people have is that the body is set on fire. Actually, flames do not touch the body once inside the crematorium. After the body is placed, the temperature is raised to an extremely high level. This results in the body essentially vaporizing into gasses. What cannot be reduced to gas is left behind, which are usually some bone fragments.

What is commonly referred to as ashes are actually the ground up bone fragments that are leftover after the cremation. The remains are ground into a very fine powder and provided to the family.

Plan For a Casket

Although you will be planning for cremation, you will still need to make arrangements for a casket in order to be transferred. Federal law requires this. If you plan a viewing, you can possibly rent one from the funeral home to save some money. Otherwise, you can purchase a no-frills casket in order for the body to be processed. These are typically constructed from wood or very strong cardboard.

Costs Savings For Cremation

Many people factor the costs of cremation into their decision. It is commonly thought that cremations are less expensive than a traditional service and burial. If you choose to have no services provided, such as viewings or memorials held at the funeral home, then cremation can be somewhat less expensive. You can also save money if the ashes will be spread rather than paying for a burial plot.

If you do want to have a funeral service before the cremation takes place, you will incur similar expenses to burials. Like many people, you may want your remains placed in a small plot in the ground or in a mausoleum. This will be an added expense to consider. After these costs are added, the costs are very similar to a burial.

Planning your own funeral services can be very helpful to your family members who are left behind. It can prevent any confusion as to your wishes, and it also makes it easier for the families to grieve without the worry of making the arrangements. For more information, contact Brinsfield-Echols Funeral Home or a similar location.