3 Things To Know About Cremation

Dealing with the loss of a loved one can be a tough time. There are a number of decisions that must be made and including the type of funeral service, you will have. Due to the high costs of the traditional service these days, you may want to consider having the body cremated. This is significantly less than a funeral. It's important to know some specifics about cremation if you're considering this option.

The process

If you choose to have the body directly cremated, this will be done immediately after the death of your loved one. This process won't require any embalming of the body and listed below are the services that typically accompany a direct cremation:

1. Transporting the body to the crematory.

2. Storage of the body for a brief amount of time.

3. The processing of the documents when a death occurs, such as birth certificate and others.

4. A cardboard or plastic container for the body.

The average cost of a direct cremation is $500-$2000.

The service

You can choose to have a memorial service for your loved one even though you don't have a traditional funeral. If you decide to do so, you should contact the people that you want to attend and decide what type of service you will want.

Listed below are some things to consider for this kind of service:

1. The person that you may want to speak at the memorial, such as a family member or church leader.

2. The type of flowers you want to have displayed at the service if any.

3. If you wish to have music played and other details of the memorial service.

The burial

Once the body has been cremated, you will be given the remains. These will be delivered to you in a container, and many people choose to place these in an urn. However, it's possible to select a burial plot and put the remains there. Additionally, some people elect to scatter the remains of the deceased in a location that the deceased may have cared a great deal for at some stage of life.

There are a number of benefits of having a cremation. This can help you save money, but still allow you to have options when it comes to the service and burial of the deceased. Be sure to rely on the assistance of a funeral home like Jacqueline M Ryan Home For Funerals in your area to help you do so today.