Addressing Frequent Questions Concerning Ordering A Headstone

Death is an unfortunate fact of life that must be addressed. If you find yourself having to plan a funeral for a loved one, you might easily feel overwhelmed by the various tasks that must be done. For those that have never gone through this process, it can be easy to be uninformed about some of the aspects of arranging a funeral. In particular, it is common to overlook some important details when it comes to ordering a headstone. Learning the following couple of answers will help you to avoid some common mistakes and sources of stress when ordering a memorial for your loved one.

Does It Matter Which Headstone Provider You Use?

There are many individuals that will fail to realize that cemeteries can have strict guidelines and rules concerning headstones. For example, many of the facilities may only accept traditional headstones, and if you attempt to install a more elaborate memorial, you may find that it is taken down. Additionally, some cemeteries may only accept headstones from certain providers, which can further complicate the process of ordering a headstone.

As a result of these limitations and rules, you should always speak with the cemetery before ordering a headstone. By identifying these requirements as early as possible, you will be able to better avoid the chances that you encounter any unexpected problems.

How Long Will It Take For A Memorial To Be Completed?

Unfortunately, there are some people that may not realize that it can take many weeks for a headstone to be completed. This is especially true if you are wanting a highly customized memorial for your loved one. As a result, you should order the headstone as soon as possible or ahead of time to avoid unnecessary delays.

In instances where the headstone is not ready in time for the funeral, a temporary memorial will be installed. When the headstone is completed, the temporary memorial will be removed and the new one installed.

Ordering a headstone is a crucial part of arranging for your loved one's funeral. However, if you lack experience with this task, you may find it extremely confusing. By understanding that cemeteries often have rules governing headstones and that it can take weeks for one to be completed, you will find yourself better prepared for this unpleasant part of life. In addition to helping ensure that your loved one's funeral goes as smoothly as possible, this can help you avoid any unnecessary stress caused by making simple errors when planning the funeral.

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