3 Ways To Make A Cremation A Celebration

The death of a loved one often leads to people having a variety of emotions. In the process of grieving, sadness, frustration, and even feelings of anger may occur among surviving relatives. If you have a loved one who has made the decision to cremate their remains and you know very little about cremation services, you may be experiencing confusion and struggling with coming up with ways to keep their memory alive. The following are examples of ways your relative's cremation can be memorialized into the perfect celebration of the life they lived.

Music and Poems

Consider implementing the type of music that your loved one enjoyed listening to while they were alive. Perhaps their music taste was different than what you and other family members like listening to, but it is important to keep in mind that the services are a celebration in honor of your deceased loved one. You could choose to play one or two songs if the music they enjoyed makes you feel uneasy.

If you decide to avoid playing their favorite music, try to find a poem or write one yourself that embodies  what your loved one was like. For example, if you decided against playing their favorite music because you feel as though it is too secular, a poem could be used to create vivid and fond memories of their personality or life.

Video and Photos

Encourage friends and family to gather photos of your loved one. These can be used to create photo books that can be distributed to friends and family. You may also be able to locate an obituary photo you favor if you are having trouble finding one that suits your taste. The photos you gather may also be used to create a DVD commemorating the life of your deceased loved one. Your funeral services associate or director is a good resource to use for DVD options and alternatives, and they may be able to retouch aged photos to make them look more appealing.

Extended Memorialization 

This is an excellent option because it can be utilized regardless of any differences in opinion or lifestyle that may have existed between you and your loved one. Try to choose a memorial location that is harmonious with your loved one and their time living. For example, if your loved one enjoyed nature, you could try to find a park, a spot off a trail, or a place near a lake to set up a memorial. 

You could also consider setting up a memorial fund if your loved one passed away as a result of a debilitating condition such as cancer. Proceeds from the fund could be donated towards cancer research in memory of your loved one. 

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