Writing The Eulogy: Tips And Advice

When a loved one dies, there's always a lot to be done. Funeral services must be planned, the visitation must be arranged, and the cemetery plot must be chosen. All that work can be overwhelming at a time when you're feeling emotionally drained. In the light of all this grief and planning, writing the eulogy can seem like an insurmountable task. These tips will help you write a eulogy that is both respectful and worthy of your loved one's memory. Read More 

5 Influencing Factors When Choosing The Funeral Home For Your Own Service

Planning your funeral in advance shows that you are a truly responsible person who is thoughtful enough to take this burden off of the people who are close to you in life. Even though you may already have a good idea of a lot of options you have when it comes to your own funeral and burial, there is one big thing to consider. Before you start making plans and arrangements, you have to choose the right funeral home for you. Read More