FAQ About Funeral Planning

Are you suddenly in a position where you have to plan a deceased loved ones funeral? If you have no idea where to start, there are a few things that can be done to help you get through the process in a smoother manner. Your first step should be to consult with a funeral director. Take a look at this article for answers to questions that you may have in regards to planning a funeral.

How Can a Funeral Director Assist?

By consulting with a funeral director, he or she can help you put a solid plan in place. The director will present a list of services that are offered by the funeral home that you can choose based on your budget. He or she will help with services that include filling out paperwork, coordinating the entire funeral ceremony and arranging transportation for close family members. The funeral director can also make sure an obituary is placed in the local newspaper and online.

Is a Viewing of the Body Necessary?

You are not obligated to have a viewing for your deceased loved one. However, it is a nice way of allowing other family members and friends of the deceased to say their final goodbye. A viewing might bring closure and help those in grief cope with the death easier.

Why Does a Body Have to Be Embalmed?

Embalming a body is not something that is required by law. You should get the body embalmed if there will be a viewing held. Basically, getting the body embalmed will stall the decomposition process so your loved one will be pleasant to look at. However, body might have to be embalmed if it is being transported to a different country, depending on the local laws.

Can a Funeral Home Provide a Casket?

Whether or not a casket is provided by the funeral home will depend on which package you opt for. If you opt for a direct burial, it is likely that the body will be placed in a simple container since it will be going directly to the gravesite. Funeral homes will usually have various casket options that you can choose from for an extra fee, unless a casket is included with the package.

What Does a Funeral Service Cost?

You should expect a direct burial to cost $700 and up. A full service funeral is estimated at $6,000 and up. Keep in mind that the quoted prices are not based on cremation being done. Speak to a funeral director, like Healey Funeral Home, so you can put plans in place for your deceased loved one as soon as you are ready.