3 Parts Of A Funeral That Mourners Will Always Remember

A funeral is never a time for celebration, although joy can be experienced in honoring and remembering the good times that people had with the deceased. One thing that a funeral can be is unforgettable. When you are planning, you may want to put an extra bit of time into these three aspects of a funeral that mourners are likely to always remember.

Seeing the Loved One for the Last Time

Whether you decide to have a closed casket or an open casket at the funeral itself, mourners are never going to forget the last time that they saw the deceased. Seeing the body of someone they loved can shock people even when they're expecting it. Knowing that the person's body is in such close proximity will likely stir many emotions among those who attend the funeral. Make sure they are laid to rest in clothes and style that match how they were in life. Also choose a casket that represents how the person wanted to present themselves to the world.

The Eulogy and Other Shared Memories

In addition to choosing a strong speaker with a distinct connection with your lost loved one, invite others who loved the person to share memories in front of everyone. People tend to remember the stories that are shared about the person. This is the time when everyone's attention is turned to your lost loved one, so be sure that they are well-represented with the people who speak and the memories that are shared. If you ask someone to speak and they ask for advice on what sort of thing you want to hear at the funeral, you may choose to prompt memories from people by asking:

  • What is the thing that stood out to you the most about the loved one?
  • Did you two ever share an experience that changed how you see things?
  • Why did you love the deceased person so much?
  • What would you say to the person about the time you spent together?
  • What was the funniest thing you ever heard them say?
  • Did they ever give you any advice that changed your life?
  • Is there anything you wish everyone could know about the person?

The Music That's Chosen

Music at a funeral can be an important part of healing, and it can also be a way to ensure that the person can speak for themselves in a way. After all, many people adore music so much because it expresses how they feel but cannot quite express themselves. If you play favorite songs that the person loved along with tunes that reflect the feelings of the mourners, your music choices can have a very healing effect on those who come to the funeral.

Finally, keep in mind that what ultimately matters is honoring the deceased one in a way that is true to the life they lived. As long as you keep that in mind when planning these three areas of the funeral, you have done a great a great job in respecting and honoring the memory of your loved one. For more advice, speak with a funeral director like those at Armes Hunt Funeral Home.