Commemorate Your Loved One’s Life Next To The Stream That They Used To Swim And Fish In

If one of your close relatives recently passed away after a long illness and you are excited to pre planning funeral arrangements, consider holding a memorial service next to a stream that they used to swim and fish in. Commemorate their life and share some fond memories of them with guests at their service by implementing the following ideas.

Display Photographs Along The Shoreline

Hire a professional photographer to enlarge and frame some of your favorite photographs that depict your loved one spending time in or near the stream. If you do not own any pictures that were taken by to the stream, select some that depict your loved one enjoying themselves with their family members and friends. Set the photographs on easels that are arranged along the steam's shoreline so that guests can look at them at their leisure during the memorial service.

Launch Sky Lanterns

Purchase some personalized sky lanterns that have your family member's name and one of their favorite quotes printed on them. Stand in front of the lake before lighting each lantern. Ask a few guests to assist you if you would like to light several of the lanterns at the same time. Make sure that the frame of each lantern is intact.

Fill the lanterns with air by moving them swiftly back and forth. Use matches or a lighter to ignite the fuel source that is attached to each lantern. Instruct anyone who is assisting you to let go of their lanterns at the same time. The lanterns will slowly drift over the stream and provide soft, glowing lights for all of the guests to enjoy.

Give A Statement Before Handing Out Small, Personalized Vials

Purchase some small, clear vials that have lids and fill them with dirt or pebbles from the bottom of the stream or its shoreline. Tie a decorative ribbon around each vial and print your loved one's name on them with a permanent marker. When the memorial service is coming to a close, stand in front of the people who have attended and recite a statement about your family member and some of their best attributes or your fondest memories. Afterwards, hand out the vials to each guest so that they can bring them home with them as mementos.

If you plan to use one or all of these ideas, discuss them with the funeral director who you hire so that they can help you include them during the memorial service. The service will provide your loved one with the respect that they deserve and will help all of the guests remember your family member in a positive manner.