How To Decorate A Funeral Reception

If a loved one has passed, it might become your responsibility you make the arrangements. This often includes setting up and decorating a funeral reception. While the funeral director is often there to lend a hand, some of the little details should be up to you, as you want them to follow a theme of what the deceased enjoyed in their life. Here are some tips for decorating a funeral reception.

Decorate With Flowers First

A good place to start when decorating for a funeral reception is with the flowers. Flowers can provide a simple and beautiful way to decorate the space, while also letting you show some of the deceased's personality in the process. Ask their closest friends and loved ones about their favorite flowers and use those for the reception. However, if they didn't have a favorite flower, consider activities or personality traits. For example, a grandmother who was feminine and had somewhat of a traditional preference for things like clothing and jewelry likely had an affinity for classics like lilies or roses. A person who was adventurous might enjoy more exotic or colourful wildflowers for the décor.

Use Photographs in Your Décor

Another great way to decorate a funeral reception is with personal photographs. This will make it easy to decorate the space in an inexpensive way, while also making it more personal. You can use photographs of the deceased, in addition to special family photographs. If you have a picture of the deceased participating in one of their favorite hobbies, such as fishing or running a marathon, that is a great addition. These types of pictures remind others of the deceased, which can be very meaningful to them. Displaying family photographs of the deceased is another wonderful addition to the reception.

Consider Their Passions in the Décor

It is also a good idea to use the passions of the deceased to decorate the funeral reception. For example, using plants and succulents are a good option for someone who was an outdoor enthusiast, while someone who had an affinity for the ocean might like some seashells in the décor. For a beach enthusiast, consider filling some mason jars with sand and small seashells, or adding small candles to them and lighting them. You can even find candles with certain scents that will remind friends and family of the person who passed, by choosing their favorite scent or a scent close to the perfume or cologne they used to wear.

For more ideas, talk with a funeral home or funeral director, such as those at Fletcher Funeral Home PA.