Three Ways To Customize A Grave Marker

When someone passes away unexpectedly, it is often up to the family to choose the grave marker that will be placed at the person's grave. If you are in charge of making decisions for the grave marker that will be placed at the grave of one of your loved ones, there are creative things you can do to make the grave marker special. The following guide walks you through a few customizations you may not realize you can have added to a grave marker.

Special Phrasing

Many families have specific phrases that remind them of a particular family member. If you have recently had someone pass away in your family and there is a phrase or saying that is associated with them, you can choose to have it added to the grave marker. If you feel that there is something special you would simply like to have displayed on the grave marker that indicates who they were or what they stood for, that could be added to the marker instead. The manufacturer will explain to you the exact number of letters that can be placed on the grave marker to ensure you choose a phrase that will fit on the marker.

Unique Picture

When you have a grave marker created, a picture of your loved one can be added to the front of it. Be sure that the picture is very detailed and not blurry. You may want to make sure that everyone in the family agrees on the picture that will be displayed on the grave marker, as everyone will have to see it every time they come to visit the grave site.

Personal Items

There are often times when family members have personal items that remind them of the loved one that has passed away. The manufacturers of the grave marker can often include small items in the grave marker so that they can be close to your loved one forever. Items such as guitar picks, keys, or charms can easily be included in the grave stone without weakening it.

Once you have chosen the design for the grave marker, you can turn over any of the items you want to place in the gravestone or pictures you want added to the front of it. The manufacturer can then create the grave marker for you. It is important to realize that a customized grave marker may take a bit longer to create than a more run-of-the-mill grave marker.  

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