Ways To Decorate Graves When You Can’t Afford A Special Headstone

Headstones can be very expensive, but that doesn't mean you can't turn the grave of your loved one into a beautiful memorial. If you can only afford a simple, small headstone then use one of these ideas to make the rest of the grave special:


A mother decided to help her son grieve the death of his baby brother by adding a sandbox to the grave. This is a great idea if you have young children that might not understand the concept of death or why they need to visit the cemetery. They can interact with the deceased without feeling uncomfortable. Build a box for the sand using wood or stone. Fill it up with pretty sand. You will need to add more sand over time as rain and snow takes it toll.

Stone Garden

A stone garden is a low cost but beautiful way to decorate a grave. These simple gardens have a zen-like quality that will help you feel calm despite your grief. Classic Zen gardens represent life. There is no wrong way to build a stone garden. You need sand and rocks of various sizes. You use your own mind and heart to decide where to place the rocks. Later, you can even change the garden around to fit your mind at that moment. 

Preserve Items Under Glass

Did your loved one have a favorite item that you never want to give away? Is it too difficult to see that item in your own home? You can decorate the grave with that precious item. That way, it is always there but yet in a place where it is OK to grieve openly. Place the item under shatterproof glass, such as plexiglass, and make sure it has a heavy bottom. You don't want it broken or tossed about in the wind.

Heart Shaped Grass

When a grave is first dug, there is always that horrible dirt that remains until the grass finally grows. You can place grass seed to help it grow faster. One way to decorate the grave is to make a shape out of the grass. Place stones over the area you don't want grass to go and leave a heart shape completely open. Place grass seed in that heart shape and nowhere else. The grass will grow there and not where there are stones.

Even with a small budget, you can decorate graves and make them special memorials. Keep in mind that not all cemeteries allow decorations or limit the types of decorations you can use. Find out the rules because you choose your decorations. If you can only purchase a small headstone, use one of these ideas to make it more beautiful.

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