Three Reasons To Consider A Memorial Bench For Your Cremated Loved One

Although some families still opt to purchase a burial plot and headstone for cremated loved ones, there are many other options for memorializing a deceased family member – even if he or she was cremated. One option that's increasing in popularity is the investment in memorial benches. Here are three reasons why you should consider a memorial bench as a way to remember your loved one.

Personalized Memorial

One of the best features of memorial benches is the fact that they are customizable. You can choose from any shape, size or style. These benches are available in a variety of designs, including half-moon bench shapes, loveseats and even traditional benches.

The variety makes it easy to find the perfect bench to honor your loved one's memory. Consider styles that represent his or her personality, and then customize it even further to the color that best represents him or her.

In addition, memorial benches are versatile enough that you can include engraving. One of the best ways to utilize this type of personalization is by having words engraved around the bench that describe your loved one. Have everyone close to him or her contribute words that they think represent the deceased so that you can have them engraved around the bench.

Burial Marker

When you choose a bench memorial, you can turn it into a burial marker by placing your loved one's ashes in the ground under the foundation pad. Alternatively, you can place large flower pots around the bench, and put your loved one's ashes in the base of one of the pots.

Whether you're going to bury ashes under the bench or you are just using it as a marker, it is a great memorial piece. You can include a sign or plaque that's used in place of a headstone. Include your loved one's name and personal message on the plaque as a way to remember him or her.

Flexible Placement

If you want to build your memorial in a special place, such as your loved one's favorite park, a memorial bench is a perfect choice. Since benches can be installed virtually anywhere, you can place it somewhere that had special meaning to the deceased. In some areas, you may need special permission to bury an urn under the foundation, so make sure that you take that into consideration when you're choosing your location. The funeral home can tell you whether or not it would be permitted where you're looking to have it installed.

For more information about cremation, memorial benches and other ways to pay tribute to deceased loved ones, talk with a funeral home like Suess Bernard Funeral Home Inc. today.