From Ashes To Dust | A Comprehensive Look At The Facts Concerning Cremation

No matter where you live, if you go into a funeral home to make your advance funeral plans, one of the big questions you will hear is, "do you want to be cremated?' This is one aspect of final arrangements that many people do not consider in the beginning, but is definitely a big factor in your overall plans. If no one in your own family has been cremated, it is likely that you do not have a lot of personal experience or facts to go on in order to help you make a decision. Taking a closer look at some of the facts will give you a better idea whether cremation is right for you.

1. Cremation Means Transitory - Families no longer stay in one area the way that they once did. It is not uncommon for close family members to be residing in different places across the country. Therefore, it is not as logical to have a situated grave site in one location. Cremated remains are transitory, meaning they can be moved along with family members so you are never really left behind.

2. Cremation Is Cost-Effective - According to, the average price of a cremation is about $1100. In comparison to traditional burial, which averages along the lines of $7,000, cremation is much more affordable by any measure.

3. Cremation Allows Options - Traditional burial allows you only the option to choose what cemetery you wish to be buried in and what type of casket or vault you choose. However, being cremated means that you can be a lot more flexible. You can choose to have your final resting place be just about anywhere that you decide. Further, you can have your ashen remains transformed into a gemstone and embedded in a piece of jewelry or even choose an artist to use your ashes in paint to create a work of art.

4. Cremation Is Quite Common - You may have never had anyone in your own circle of friends and family cremated, but it is likely that you would not have to go too far to find someone else who has experience. Even though being cremated used to be something that not a lot of people did, the numbers have been steadily rising for the last several years. In fact, it is predicted that by 2018, more than 50 percent of all people will be cremated.

If you think that cremation may be the best choice for you, be sure to talk openly with a funeral director, such as those at Marine Park Funeral Home Inc, about any questions and concerns you have. You may find that even though you have had no experience in your intermediate family, cremation will be a logical choice for you.