3 Tips To Get Through The Funeral Planning And Grieving Process

Dealing with death can be incredibly difficult, especially if the deceased was near and dear to you. Because of this, you will need to make sure that you are able to plan accordingly, so that you can give your loved one the funeral that they deserve, while also taking the time to grieve. It can be an incredibly hectic time, which is why following some of these tips can streamline the process. Take advantage of this guide and exercise these tips when you want to get through this rough period in your life.

#1: Get A Complete Breakdown Of The Funeral Prices

The last thing you would want while grieving is to be in the dark on how much you can expect to pay. Thankfully, the law is on your side in this regard. The FTC Funeral Rule states that funeral homes must give you cost details on the phone, provide an item by item list of all services and prices when asked and allow you to purchase any service that you need separately, without having to buy complete packages. This law is intended to protect the people who are grieving, since it makes handling business easier during a very difficult time. 

#2: Seek Professional Counseling

A lot of people get so caught up in the funeral planning process that they forget to take care of themselves. You and your family members should seek the help of a licensed and insured counselor, so that you can begin the healing process and separate business matters from personal. By taking care of your mental health, you will be in a much better position to take care of business with the planning of the funeral, and less likely to engage in emotional spending, which can get incredibly pricey. 

#3: Consider Having A Memorial Service

Planning a memorial service is a great way to lower the cost and the stress levels associated with a funeral. It still gets across the sentiment of a funeral, but without having to present your loved one's body, you will be less rushed through the planning process. In fact, you can get a funeral services company to handle the embalming and other disposal of your loved one's body, so that you can take your time when planning out a public memorial service that will properly honor them. 

Take advantage of these funeral planning and grieving tips, so that you can move forward through this incredibly hard time for you and your family. (For more information, you can contact Shepherd Funeral Home)