Taking A Close Look At Common Questions About Double Funeral Services

In the event of a tragic occurrence where more than one loved one passes away at the same time, it can be logical to hold a double funeral service instead of trying to make arrangements for two separate events. This is a good solution for husband and wife funerals, the funeral of a mother and child, or even siblings or close friends and companions. Because of the rarity of such a disheartening situation where you lose two loved ones concurrently, you will likely be left with a lot of questions about the possibility of a double funeral service. Here are a few of those common questions and the answers you will need to know. 

Will every funeral home cater to a family who wants a double funeral?

A double funeral can be a rather large event. Even when you are dealing with two closely related people, such as a husband and wife, they both will have a guest list of their own acquaintances. The funeral home will have to have the availability of two hearses, seating for large groups of people, and parking space. Therefore, not every funeral home can accommodate double funeral services. Some funeral homes can offer a semi-double service in which two funerals are held almost concurrently in two separate parlors.

If you arrange a double funeral, should the visitation service last longer?

When you are in the process of making plans for a double funeral, this is a good question to ask. Two people can mean twice as many mourners and visitors. Therefore, it is a good idea to prolong the length of visitation to allow time for all friends and family members to have time to visit with the deceased and the rest of the family.

Will the funeral home charge you for each funeral separately, or will the bill be combined?

Due to insurance and billing purposes, the funeral home will likely bill for both funerals separately. However, this does not mean that you will not save some money by combining certain aspects of service, such as costs associated with music supplied or use of the space for the service.

As emotionally trying as it is to have to plan one funeral, trying to plan two at the same time can be a difficult path to be forced to take. By considering a double funeral, you may be able to combine many aspects of the planning and make the ordeal a little easier to get through. Contact a local funeral home like Parsippany Funeral Home Inc for more information.