The Benefits Of Pre-Planning Your Funeral

No one wants to think about their death or planning their funeral, but there can be some benefits that come from pre-planning your funeral. The stress that family members have when it comes to preparing to bury their loved ones can be difficult for them to bear, so taking the stress away from your loved ones means you're leaving them with one less thing to worry about. This article will provide you with some ideas as to how you can help plan your funeral so your family doesn't have to worry about it.

Pre-Payment Options

If you are worried about where your family is going to get the money to pay for your funeral, there are a few different ways you can take that worry away. To start, you can open a savings account and name an immediate family member as the beneficiary. Let that family member know about the account, and deposit money into that account that will be used specifically and only for the payment of your funeral. You can also name a joint owner on the account, to allow that individual to have easy access to the money when they need it.

There is also a number of funeral homes out there that will allow you to pay for your funeral ahead of time. Whether it be through a payment plan directly set up with the funeral home, or a lump sum payment, you can take the worry off of your immediate family members by paying for your funeral services before you pass away.


Another big worry that always comes with planning a funeral is the service itself. You want to make sure your family member adheres to your wishes, but if you don't make those wishes known ahead of time, then you can't be sure your funeral will be what you would have liked.

Let your family know about the type of service you'd like, whether or not you would like to be cremated, or what cemetery you may prefer to be buried in. If you have specific readings you would like read at your funeral, or if there is a song or music you would like played, make sure you advise your family of your wishes. You can also work with the funeral home of your choosing to put all of your wishes in writing ahead of time. This way the funeral director, like those at Bolton & Lunsford Funeral Homes, is also advised of your specific wishes.