Preparing Yourself For The Funeral Home Meeting

Losing a loved one is never something that you want to go through. Meeting with the funeral home director should be done within 24 hours of losing the loved one. This might not be part of the grieving process, but it is something that has to be done. This meeting is often referred to as the "arrangement conference." Below are a few thoughts to prepare yourself before going to the funeral home meeting.

Don't Go Alone to the Meeting

This is a tough time for everyone. Having the emotional support you need can be beneficial. You can have a close friend or family member, or perhaps a neighbor. While this is not necessary, it is beneficial to have some moral support. They can also help you with making accurate decisions while your emotions are heightened.

Bring with You the Necessary Documents

There are some documents required to perform the funeral service or cremation, as well as for preparing the service program. While you don't need to have them all with you, be aware you'll need it shortly during this process or immediately after. You'll need the deceased's:

  • Birth and marriage certificates
  • Military discharge papers
  • Funeral pre-arrangement documentation
  • Life insurance policies

Know What the Deceased Would Want

While you do not have to have every exact detail down, you should have an idea of what they would have liked. Be thoughtful in choosing the flowers, music, speeches, prayers, and songs. Also, be mindful of their appearance and how they would have wanted to be remembered. It may be best to have a closed casket versus an open casket funeral.

If your loved one is being cremated, just know you have many options of where to rest their ashes. Good ideas to release the ashes include the beach, out at sea, or in your own garden. You may decide to have an urn in your home or wear their ashes in a pendant that you wear every day.

Come Prepared with a List of Questions

Bringing a list of questions with you to the meeting can help you organize your thoughts. The funeral director should know this is a tough time for you, and they should take the time to go over everything with you. If you do have questions, this meeting is when you should ask them.

By preparing yourself for the meeting at the funeral home, you're also helping yourself come to terms with the loss. Everyone goes through this process when planning a funeral at J Allen Hooper Funeral Chapel and accepting it is the next step you'll have to take to heal from it.